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PT. Tarian Kalam Indonesia

PT Tari Kalam Indonesia is a white cardamom spice company originating from Indonesia. Having fertile land makes agricultural products from this country abundant. PT Tarian Kalam Indonesia always strives to contribute in the economic field to the international market as a form of love for the homeland, and concern for useful values with the presentation of professional ethics. And can inform that Indonesian agricultural products produce quality products.



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PT. Tarian Kalam is a company that holds tightly to the value of love for the country from its efforts to create a professional company system with family nuances, so that every performance produced has high loyalty to common interests.

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Honest, trustworthy, responsible, professional, teamwork

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White Javanese cardamom is a type of spice produced from the seeds of several plants of the genera elettaria and amomum in the zingiberaceae family (ginger family). Cardamom seeds can be identified by their small pod seeds in a triangular slice cross-section and spindle coil, with a tupis outer shell and small black seeds. This spice is often consumed as a spice in certain dishes or to mix herbs or traditional herbal medicines.


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PT. Tarian Kalam Indonesia